Dental Clinic Marketing Plan

Plan de Marketing Clinica Dental


A specialized marketing plan for your dental clinic.

  • 91% of people say that the opinions of other consumers are the primary influence on their purchasing decisions
  • Only 9% of customers ignore the views of others
  • One conversation (a “word of mouth” recommendation) has the same impact as 200 television ads

The evolution of patients means that clinics should be increasingly focused on marketing and communication. Patients value the fact that their dentist has a presence in the social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)  since they show interest in adapting to new technologies and digital media.

How to use the social networks within a marketing strategy?

The leading social networks and a must use are:


Facebook increases the number of people who contact the dentist and increase traffic on the website due to its easy accessibility and visibility that it offers.

Did you know that Facebook has 2.19 billion active users around the world?

Can you imagine the number of potential patients you would find if you have an active Facebook page for your dental clinic? Facebook allows you to get to know and get closer to your local audience with relevant content and information on promotions and discounts.

Some tips on how to use the Facebook social network properly:

  • Update your Facebook page frequently.
  • Link your Facebook page to your blog and update it continuously with the publications.
  • Use images and funny messages
  • It uses automatic programming tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.
  • Encourage your current patients to participate on your Facebook page
  • Secure relationships through Facebook. Your patient can contact you directly from Facebook, to consult any questions they have, give you your opinion about a specific service, or request your advice on any subject related to dentistry. Encourage them to do so.
  • A survey through Facebook will give you the keys you need to improve your services, and your patients will surprise you with small details that you would never have imagined.
  • Publish testimonials from the web

The Internet has become a fundamental tool to enhance word of mouth, so it is essential to offer positive testimonials online through videos or texts. In fact, 90% of internet users trust what they read online, and about 70% believe the testimonials they find

  • Publish the news of the Corporate Blog

Publishing news in the dental blog, and then sharing it on Facebook, helps you position yourself in search engines (SEO) and allows you to build a dental clinic brand. The type of news to be published has to do with the interests of patients. The content of blogs should be compelling for Google, which indexes the pages and evaluates SEO. So it is vital to write original and informative texts and have the collaboration of online marketing specialists.


The main advantages of using Twitter for dental clinics and dentists are:

  1. Twitter is a listening tool that allows you to contact thousands of people and know all their concerns.

For example: If patients share the difficulties involved in visiting a dentist with young children, this could give you an idea about enabling a place dedicated to the little ones in your clinic. So when it is ready, you will comment on the thread of tweets that your clinic offers this type of service, and invite them to visit it.

  1. Twitter is an information tool.

Twitter also keeps you informed about the most critical events in your profession and helps you to position yourself as an expert in your specialty.

If you want to know about dentists in your area, you type #DentistsYourArea and would be able to receive information that you are looking for.

If you want to know about a Congress you couldn’t attend, you look for that hashtag, and it will inform you about the Congress.

  1. Twitter is a marketing tool.

Twitter is a social network, and therefore you should be present continuously responding to the publications of your patients or colleagues in the sector and sharing their tweets.


Instagram is a platform for sharing photos. It is a great tool to share snippets of the day with your dental team, pictures with patients or photos of the clinic itself.

It may happen that the strategic patient profile of a senior, may not use the Internet excessively or even at all. It is therefore essential to still use the many offline marketing techniques that have traditionally been used to promote dental consultations. Newspapers, radios, and local televisions all need new news to publish and there is a lot of exciting news within dentistry that appeal to the general public. Thus, you can gain visibility via online and offline (traditional) avenues of advertising.


Although WhatsApp is not a social network, we cannot fail to mention its importance. Last year, there were 7,700,000,000 mobile phones in the world where the majority of them have WhatsApp.

79% of your patients have the phone close by, looking at it every hour of the day. It has been shown that we spend an average of 195 minutes per day watching / working with our Smartphones.

Mobile Marketing through WhatsApp offers two extremely valuable possibilities:

These messages have an average opening rate of 90%, but also guarantee that 98% of the people who open the message do so within three minutes of the notification.


  • -You can use it to congratulate birthdays and Christmases
  • -Send reminders and establish appointments
  • -The six-month check-up reminder
  • Promote a new service in your clinic.
  • -Send a satisfaction survey to your patients.

Why collaborating with us will improve the visibility of you your dental clinic?

  • We support you to successfully implement ethical practices in the management of your dental clinics.
  • We are a training consultancy specializing in the management of the dental sector that offers personalized consulting processes for each dental clinic.
  • We provide answers and guidelines to dentists and managers of dental clinics who are interested in developing their management skills, leadership abilities and add clinical and economic value to the dental clinics to which they belong.
  • The aim of our work is to implant the circle of excellence in your dental clinic, which consists of engaging and training your staff, thus creating loyal patients and an increase in the first visits.
  • At Enfoque Dental, we assist dental clinics on their way to continuous improvement through the Mystery Patient, coaching, marketing/sales training, patient care protocols, business strategy, and teamwork. Besides this, we can also manage the marketing plan of the clinics with which we work.

If you have any doubts, questions, reflections or comments that you wish to share, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you.

Manager Enfoque Dental

Pedro Morchón Camino

Director de Enfoque dental

Coach certificado por Asociación española de coaching ejecutivo (AECOP) y la Asociación española de programación neurolingüística (AEPNL)

Tfono: 671038509 / Email:


El buen marketing hace que la empresa parezca inteligente. El gran marketing hace que el cliente parezca inteligente.

Pedro Morchón Camino

Director de Enfoque dental

Coach certificado por Asociación española de coaching ejecutivo (AECOP) y la Asociación española de programación neurolingüística (AEPNL)

Teléfono: 671038509 / Email:

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