How to attract patients to your dental clinic

how to attract patients to your dental clinic

Getting patients to your dental clinic seems to be a complicated task. The competition between traditional clinics has become fierce and the increase in dental franchises, have turned the sector practically into a jungle.

We all want to reach the possible patients as directly as possible, but gaining new patients requires gaining their trust. It is therefore essential for the entire team of the clinic to demonstrate reliability and professionality, both in their human interaction and over the phone or internet.

If you do not know how to attract patients to your dental clinic, you must learn the various techniques that exist, and immediately apply them to your marketing protocol. Below are some methods that we propose.  Methods that will increase your clientele and cause satisfied patients.

Digital marketing

The possibility of attracting patients to your dental clinic increases if you have dental digital marketing professionals. They will prepare a specialized marketing plan for your dental clinics, which will become your primary method of attracting new patients.  They will determine your target audience and will take the necessary actions so that patients will enter the door of your clinic. When it comes to promoting your dental business, having true digital marketing professionals can be the best solution.


digital marketing for dentists



A well-structured and user-friendly website

This is a fundamental aspect. The web page of a dental clinic is the main window into the professionality and competence of a dental clinic. Thus there is no second opportunity for a first impression; you must show expertise in all the services and treatments that you offer. Your website is also the place where users or visitors can become patients (through requesting dental appointment system online or by calling). Therefore, your website should be designed with the intention of creating a clear and effective navigation system to assist users in arranging an appointment online or asking questions, with an immediate response.


Since your primary objective is to attract patients from the same geographical area in which the dental clinic is located, you need to get a proper positioning in Google for searches that refer to find a nearby dental clinic or a nearby dentist in your neighbourhood.

Google Local Bussiness.

Having a presence in Google Local Business is an excellent marketing strategy. This will allow you to appear in the position when a patient is looking for a dentist in your area.  Remember to add the accessing of a map, with the important route to reach your clinic.

Good patient reviews.

The positive opinions of patients who have gone through your clinic and have been satisfied, will affect your Google positioning locally and improve your reputation for future patients.

An excellent way to achieve these reviews is to offer something to your patients in exchange for their evaluations.

The influence of Local guides

The Local Guides can be vital in the online reputation of any dental clinic. The opinion of Local Guides can convince other people to go to your dental clinic they can discourage them.

The Local Guide is a group of people managed by Google, that is dedicated to writing comments about a particular experience within a specific business, restaurant or dental clinic. It is a strict platform that ensures the opinions received by any dental clinic, are real and sincere.

Consider the local guide. Identify them and offer them some special treatment for valuing your establishment. Surely that way they are more predisposed to write a positive review about your clinic.

Local ads on Google

Creating ads for the local public can be a perfect formula to attract patients to your dental clinic. If you have an ad in Google Adwords, a person searching for any dental service can easily find your clinic. These ads allow you to reach the public of the area you choose

A blog that answers your questions

A blog is an essential element in the management of online communities. If you work well, you can achieve a constant and close relationship with your patients. It is a great platform where you and the patient can discuss what you the service you are offering and the opinion/feedback of your patients regarding your services, old or new.

This is also a space where more trust can be built. If you write articles that show your expertise in the field of dentistry – people will be more accepting of you as their local and trusted dentist. Without forgetting the improvement in the visibility of your dental clinic in Google searches and the promotion of your brand in social networks.

Any Community manager can verify that a well-managed blog attracts patients to a dental clinic.

Be strategic in social media.

With social networks, you can attract patients to your dental clinic. Having a Facebook page, being active on Instagram, regularly uploading videos to YouTube with promotional ads are positive actions to reach your potential client. Social networks for a dental clinic are a potent marketing tool if used correctly.

Local ads on social networks.

Facebook has more than 1 billion users in the world. Making it the largest social network ever. This makes it a handy advertising tool for the dental sector.

For local businesses, Facebook is the most used social network because it allows us to identify the public’s interests and location, a possibility needed for your intention to attract new patients.

WhatsApp business to attract and retain patients

Create an official profile of your clinic, and you can provide information of interest to your patients: Contact information (email, web and physical address, social media profiles) and descriptions of services and treatments. You will also have a series of tools to facilitate the management of the patient care service.

Taking advantage of WhatsApp to build loyalty and attract patients to your dental clinic is a good idea.

More info:

Combining online and offline dental marketing strategies will allow you to attract and retain patients in your dental clinic.

Offline Marketing actions to attract patients to your dental clinic.

The Classical Promotion can also help you attract new patients to your dental clinic. Dental marketing strategies in digital format are not incompatible with the application of more traditional marketing strategies. You can carry out the typical actions to attract more patients, such as sending mail to the area surrounding of the dental clinic, advertisements in local media or the traditional posters in the neighbourhood lamp posts. All these are formulas of proven effectiveness.

Excellent patient care

The potential in excellent patient care in gaining and retaining patients is limitless.  Giving the best possible patient care to your patients is essential.  Currently, in the 21st century, the century of technology, the primary method for the arrival of new patients to our dental clinic, will be word of mouth – face to face or online.



More than 80% of the first visits come after the recommendation of other satisfied patients.  Therefore, the first marketing action you must establish is for your current patients. Perform an impeccable service. Smile at them, listen to them, call them by their name, and display genuine concern or empathy towards them. Show honesty and transparency both on behalf of the dentist and staff. If a friendly and comfortable clinic accompanies all these requirements, they will recommend you.

Do not forget to share the positive reviews your receive via Google and Facebook.  You can generate more interest in your clinic, in those who still do not know you personally.

You can retain and attract new patients by establishing an affiliate system.

If the dentist and his team attended and satisfactorily solved the patient’s problem, you will end up achieving their trust and thus their patient loyalty. If your patient care protocol is bearing these fruits, it establishes a system will continually bring new patients to your dental clinic. For example, discounts packages for families or couples will cause a considerable increase in new visits.

Get patients to your dental clinic through lectures and educational conferences.

Use the neighbourhood’s social centres, women’s associations or local entities, to organize numerous activities and talks for the local community.

This is a marketing strategy that directly influences your target audience and one that is cost effective.  In this way, you become a representative in oral health for the local community and create close relationships with your potential patients.

Also give some educational talks in schools and local institutes, which allow you to promote health and dental hygiene among school children in the area. This can be quite impactful for children and so reach their parents.  The entire family may end up becoming your patients.

Become known as the greatest expert in dental health in your city.

Using local media to educate on oral health and hygiene will cause you to identify yourself as an expert. It will take some time, but it is an excellent way to attract patients to your dental clinic.  When they need dental services, you will be the first person they think of to take care of them. Radio stations and local newspapers are the most effective means for this.

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