Dental clinic management courses

he courses of management and direction of dental clinics are the best way to revitalize your clinic and adapt to the new times of an increasingly competitive and globalized dental sector.

Great part of the professionals of dentistry, have focused all their capacities and resources, only to control the technical-clinical aspects of the profession. Thus they have acquired a very specialized knowledge during years of study, many diplomas and years of experience practicing the profession. However, they have not bothered to acquire or update their knowledge regarding the management of a dental clinic : The combination of business knowledge, socio-economic, strategic and human skills, in order to become true leaders and great managers of dental clinics of the XXI century.

Our dental clinic management courses offer new opportunities to clinic managers and dentists, by developing a theoretical-practical approach in which students can apply the concepts and tools acquired, in dental management practical workshops , which are perfectly adapted to the problems and cases of current dental clinics.

Now you can participate in any of our training plans (courses dental clinic management). 100% proven results.

Dental clinic management courses, the key to success.

We present to you the formative offer of courses of management and direction dental clinics more complete and dynamic of the market, since we adapted to you. That’s why we present different types of training plans ranging from classroom, in your clinic or on-line courses, as well as Webinars.

Our aim is that the student learns as much as possible in the shortest possible time with an intensive learning methodology.

Choose the formative modality that you prefer

Formación presencial en univesidades y colegios profesionales

25, 26,27 abril y 23,24,25 mayo en Madrid. OPEN ENROLLMENT.

Formación presencial en univesidades y colegios profesionales

Complete plan to increase your turnover and get more patients.

Online Training

Online Training


Knowledge and skills you will acquire at the end of any of our dental clinic management courses.

  • Promote a management model for your clinic that improves monthly billing results.
  • Define and implement an intervention protocol that ensures an excellent patient experience and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Perform market analysis to detect threats and opportunities.
  • To know and analyze which are the most significant Key performance indicators (KPi) for a dental clinic.
  • Structure a strategic and marketing plan to increase the first visits.
  • Apply the best management models for your own dental clinic.
  • To stop competing in a saturated and mature market through the Blue Ocean Strategy and based on the new competencies of dentistry.

The current environment demands an adaptation of dentistry, so that our courses in dental clinic management offer new opportunities for managers of clinics and dentists <strong/strong>, through the development of a theoretical-practical approach in which students combine the concepts acquired and tools with practical workshops tailored to the problems and cases of current dental clinics.

Training for dentists/stomatologists and dental clinic management staff using the same teaching methodology carried out by the world’s leading business schools..

New course


For dental professionals and / or managers of dental clinics who want to take a big step in the professionalization of the management of their business.
1st training module : 25, 26 and 27 April 2019. Excellent patient experience.
2nd training module : 23, 24 and 25 May 2019. Improve employee performance, family marketing and business strategy of a traditional clinic.
Formers: Dr. Miguel Carasol Campillo, Dr. Fernando Autrán Mateu, Dr. Luciano Badanelli, Pedro Morchón Camino.

Place: Madrid. Torre Ombú (Calle del Ombú, 3, 28045 Madrid).


Courses at Universities and Professional Colleges

We teach courses on dental management in colleges and universities.

We collaborate with different universities, colleges and national and international professional societies, giving different University diplomas and courses on dental clinic management, with the best practices.

Courses taught

Some courses of management and direction of Dental Clinics that we have made

Courses 2016

With our students

Curso gestión clínica dental en la Clínica Gonzalez Tuñón

Training course at the Gonzalez Tuñón Clinic. Excellent patient care. Oviedo

Curso gestión clínica dental en la Autrán Academy

Training course Management of dental clinics at the Autrán Academy with my friend Fernando Autrán. Barcelona 2016.

Curso de Gestión en las clínicas dentales DEA

Course of Management of dental clinics with all the equipment of the DEA clinics. Almeria. July 2016.

Congreso nacional de endodoncia

Presentation in the Kursaal of San Sebastian in the National Congress of Endodontics on the link doctor-patient and Odontology emotionally intelligent . San Sebastian. September 2016

Curso Marketing en una clínica dental Universidad de Oviedo

Dental clinic marketing training . University of Oviedo. November 2016

Curso Experiencia excelente del paciente Clínica dental Bowen

Bowen Clinic training: Excellent patient experience. Madrid September 2016

Courses 2017

With our students

Curso gestión dental en el Colegio de odontólogos de Oviedo

Training course at the College of Dentists of Oviedo: Protocol of care for patient satisfaction and loyalty Oviedo. January 2017.

Curso gestión dental Colegio de odontólogos de León

Training course at the College of Dentists of León: Protocol of care for patient satisfaction and loyalty . LéonFebruary 2017

Formación gestión dental Clínica Gerardo di Paolo

Training at the Gerardo di Paolo Clinic . Patient care protocol .  Tomellose. April 2017

Mystery patient y curso en la Clínica dental Benitez Murri

Mystery patient + Training at Clínica Drs. Benitez Murri . Implementation of a patient care protocol. Torremolinos. May 2017.

curso en gestión dental Clínica Dental Navarro y Luciano Badanelli

Training in dental management with the groups of Dr. de la Clínica Dental Navarro and Luciano Badanelli Rubio de la Clínica Badanelli. Madrid June 2017

Curso dirección Sindacato Unitario Specialità Ortognatodonzia

Course in SUSO (Sindacato Unitario Specialità Ortognatodonzia) on management of dental clinics. Padua, Italy. May 2017

Curso dirección y gestión Clínica dental Avodent.

Course at Avodent Dental Clinic. October 2017

Curso gestión y dirección Clínica dental de la Dra. Paloma Salmerón

Course at the Dental Clinic of Dr. Paloma Salmerón . October 2017

Courses 2018

Con nuestros alumnos

Curso gestión y dirección Clínica Mompell & Micó

Course at Mompell Clinic & Micó. Madrid January 2018.

Mystery patient + training. Maria Menendez Dental Clinic. Asturias.

Mystery patient + clinical course Ortonova . Cartagena.

Mystery patient + course Instituto integral odontológico . Madrid


Expodental. Madrid

curso gestión Clínica Lisbon Smile Clinic

Mystery patient + Lisbon Smile Clinic training . Lisbon

Diploma gestion clinicas dentales

First edition Diploma dental clinic management . Madrid

curso gestión clínica dental Siero Asturias

Mystery patient + Curso gestión en la Clinica Siero dental (Siero- Asturias)

formación gestión en la Clinica dental Dr. Dario Ulman (Alcorcón- Madrid)

Formación gestión Clinica dental Dr. Dario Ulman (Alcorcón- Madrid).

formación gestión en la Clínica dental Mas Bermejo (Murcia)

Management training Clínica dental Mas Bermejo (Murcia).

curso gestión en la Clínica dental Equipo de la Torre

Course management Dental clinic Equipo de la Torre.

We have taught several courses on dental management at national and international universities, colleges, clinics and professional societies.

cursos gestión y dirección clínicas dentales universidades