There are many dental clinics, professional associations, and dentists that have already improved their performance thanks to our dental consultancies.

Dr. Jesús Frieyro. Gonzalez Tuñón Stomatology Center

Dr. Gonzalo Navarro. Medical Director of Gonzalo Navarro Dental Clinic

Dr. Fernando Autrán. Medical Director and founding partner of Autrán Dental (Barcelona)

Dr. Luciano Badanelli. Medical Director of Luciano Badanelli Dental Clinic (BQDC clinics)

Dr. Gonzalo Riaza Serrano de Pablo. Director of Dental Clinics Dentalcare

Enfoque dental en The Lisbon Smile Clinic. Lisboa

Ricardo Conceição. General Manager The Lisbon Smile Clinic. Lisbon

Dra. Marta Figueiredo. The Lisbon Smile Clinic. Lisboa

Rubén Santos. Coordinator of the Dental Dental Institute

Dr. Gonzalo Benitez Murri. Medical Director of Dental Clinic Doctors Benitez Murri

Dra. Marta Herrero. Medical Director of Smiling Dental Clinic

Luis Jaen. Smiling Dental Clinic

Dr. Diego Cobos. Cobos Dental Clinic

Dr. Leoardo Litvin. Founder and Director of the Instituto Integral Odontologico.

Dr. José Milla. Oral surgeon and implantologist University of Oviedo and fellow University of Dallas.

Dres. Ramón y José Luís Domínguez Mompell. Dental clinic mompell & Micó

Dra. Naira del Campo. Naira del Campo Dental Clinic. Gijón

Dra. Lara Ruiz Lara Ruiz Dental Clinic. Talavera de la Reina

Here is what they say:

Dr. Javier González Tuñón

“Enfoque Dental gathers the principles of emotional intelligence and adapts them to the context of a dental clinic. It is exciting and effective. Well done!”

Dr. Javier González Tuñón

President of the Association of Dentists of Asturias

Dr. Antonio Cesta

“Enfoque Dental makes the patient the centre point of all the activity in a dental clinic. It teaches an excellent patient care protocol.”

Dr. Antonio Cesta

Dental Studio Io Sorrido – Padua, Italy  

Profesor Alberto Álvarez

“Pedro Morchón teaches at the University of Dentistry in Oviedo an effective vision of marketing and management of a dental clinic.”

Alberto Álvarez

Head of the Technical Unit for Teacher Quality and Academic Organization

“Great course that Pedro Morchon Camino has given us in the clinic. Cum laude.”

Dr. Carlos Mas Bermejo.

Mas Bermejo Clinic. Murcia

Dr. Pablo García Caminante

“The positive attitude and positive aptitude that Pedro transmits through his courses, serves as a stimulus to face the challenges of everyday life.”

Dr. Pablo García Caminante

Dental clinic Las nieves

Dr. Ramón Aguado

“The coaching sessions I have carried out with Pedro, have helped me in achieving the objectives and the emergence of new ideas. All this is being reflected in improvements in the clinic.”

Ramón Aguado Gerente

Cádiz Dental Clinic

Dr. Gerardo Di Paolo

“I recommend Enfoque Dental to my colleagues. Coaching processes are aimed at improving patient satisfaction.”

Dr. Gerardo Di Paolo

Medical Director Dental Clinic Gererdo di Paolo

Paloma Arregui Hurtado

“The course of the College of Dentists of Leon has been a very interesting course and conducted in a very fluid and enjoyable way. Thank you very much Pedro

Paloma Arregui Hurtado 

Arregu Dental Clinic

“When you meet Pedro Morchon, the first thing you do is reflect. After his formation, nothing is the same and from that moment on you know that you have to do things differently.”

Dr. Javier Carrete Omar

Founder of the Institute of Oral Surgery and Implantology

La Coruña

Dra. Olga Casorrán Martínez

“Since I attended Pedro’s course many things have changed in my day to day, both professionally and personally, 100% recommended and easy to apply from the first minute. Thank you for teaching us so much and so good, we are looking forward to more.”

Dra. Olga Casorrán Martínez

Odontologist and Vice-Secretary of the College of Castellón


Xarles González Coach y Conferenciante

“Without a doubt Pedro knows how to transmit in a unique way all his knowledge about Coaching and Emotional Intelligence and his level of involvement is evident in his work.”

Xarles González

Coach and Lecturer

dra salmeron

“Thank you very much Pedro! It has been a real pleasure to be able to count on you in this course so eminently practical and of a great theoretical quality. You have fulfilled all our expectations and more! They have been very intense days in which we have enjoyed a lot! We look forward to seeing you again soon at the clinic.”

Dra. Paloma Martínez Salmerón

Manager and founder of Clínica Dra.Salmerón

Fellow Oral implantology.New York University

Dr. Rodrigo Benitez Murri

“The mistery patient has been an impact formation. Pedro does not overlook anything and in a pleasant and at the same time rigorous way made us see those little things that we can improve. I have seen my collaborators, involved and eager to start applying an excellent protocol of patient care. Thank you Pedro”

Dr. Rodrigo Benitez Murri

Medical Director of Dental Clinic Doctors Benitez Murri

Specialist in orthodontics, aesthetics and occlusion.  

Claudia Priscila Sinohui clinica dental Avodent

“We have certainly made the most of this training. After the mistery patient, we have reviewed the most important aspects of the management of a dental clinic and above all we have looked at how to improve the protocol of patient care. Thank you Pedro Morchon Camino!”

Dra. Claudia Sinohui

Avodent Dental Clinic

Susana Fernandez Coordinadora Clínica Dra. Salmerón

“Today I finished a very interesting formation with an exceptional synthesis with the great Pedro Morchon Camino. These days of formation are a before and after in my life! Today I begin with my grain of sand for change… Thank you very much Pedro!”

Susana Fernández

Dental Quality Coordinator

Jose BM Benbunan

“Pedro, the book by Quintessence, The Road to Success of a Dental Clinic has been a great and helpful source of inspiration! Thank you!”

Dr. Jose B.M.

General dentist, oral surgeon and periodontist in Benbunan Dental Clinic

Antonio Bowen de Clínica dental Bowen

“Congratulations to Pedro Morchón Camino, for his book El Camino hacia el éxito de una clínica dental, which is already a publishing success.”

Dr. Antonio Bowen

Bowen Dental Clinic.

Dr. Francisco Rábago.

“Pedro Morchón Camino is today one of the great references in health management and coaching.”

Dr. Francisco Rábago

Rbgclinic Dr. Francisco Rábago.

Dr Murad Clinica CED Palma de Mallorca

“In the training Pedro gave us in my clinic to all my team, we managed to define and implement a protocol of patient care that has brought positive results. In addition, the experience in Human Resources and coaching has helped us to work more effectively in a team.
Thank you Pedro.”

Dr. Murad

CED Clinic. Palma de Mallorca

Enrique escámez endodoncista Almería

“The search for Excellence in Patient Care in a dental clinic should go through Dental Focus and, of course, through Pedro Morchon Camino. The experience of 2 intense days has marked us new objectives of improvement and professionalization. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Dental Escámez Team, thank you very much for your dedication and dedication.”

Dr. Enrique Escamez Estévez

Endodontics Dental Escámez Clinic

Francisco escámez implantólogo Almería

“I have no words of gratitude for your dedication and good work. It has been a spectacular paradigm shift for the whole team, of attitudes and much illusion. I can tell you that today the brightness of the eyes of the people of the team shone in a very special way. We will implement all your protocol perfectly. Thank you Pedro.”

Dr.Francisco Escàmez Estévez

Implantology and surgery Clinical Dental Escámez

“It has been a real pleasure to share with you these days of training and mystery patient. You have really managed to transmit to me the necessary strength and desire to continue defending that EXCELLENCE in the treatment of the patient is the most important thing.”

Dra. Laura Vaquero

Clinical Aesthetic Dentistry Dental Escámez

Dr. Miguel Carasol

“The road to success for your dental practice is a very practical and interesting book. Like the good puzzles, it allows you to read it in various ways, but gets an optimal end result. What a pity not to have been able to count on these tools when we started a few decades ago!”

Dr. Miguel Carasol

Unidad de Periodoncia Hospitalaria Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo

“The formation of Enfoque dental was a before and after in our clinic.”

Begoña Espadas

Coordinator of the Integral Dental Institute.

“El mejor coaching odontólogico. Pedro taught us to give the best treatment to our patients, without differentiating their social status..”

Raúl García Esparza

Founding member of SOS Social Dentistry.

“I highly recommend to any clinic the consultancy of Enfoque dental to take a giant step. Thank you Pedro.”

Dr. Danielle Francesco Porceluzzi

Integral Dental Institute

“I am enormously grateful for all that you have taught me in this first part of the course. Impatient to set in motion my seven moments of truth. Thank you!”

Dra. Arantxa Fernández.

Integral dental clinic (Cádiz).

“Congratulations Pedro!, my desire to improve, my discontent and desire to be a better professional led me to the course, which I consider simply extraordinary. See you soon!”

Manuel Casado López.

Maria José Manrique Dental Clinic (Jaen)

“I have been in the world of business management for more than 12 years, and in dental management for 7 years and with Pedro I have found the type of training I was looking for and needed, eminently practical, focused on excellence and immediately applicable to the needs of our team and our patients. All of this is accompanied by the testimonies of top dental professionals and recognized prestige that allow a multidisciplinary view of the management process.”

Javier Campo Garraza.

Río Ega Dental Clinic (Navarra).

“Pedro generates a qualitative leap in the personnel, which translates into better attention, greater involvement of the worker and excellence in performance. We all win and get to be in the “top” of patient ratings. Thank you”

Dr. Darío Ulman

Dr. Darío Ulman Dental Clinic (Alcorcón).

“I have taken other management courses and Pedro has been one of the ones I have enjoyed the most. He gives you very concrete solutions to the daily problems of your clinic and has a protocol to evaluate your clinic that is simply spectacular. 100% Recommended”

Dr. Jesús Utrilla

Jesús Utrilla Dental Center. Elche (Alicante).

With our clients

Training course at the Gonzalez Tuñón Clinic on excellent patient care. Oviedo. June2016

Training course Management of dental clinics at the Autrán Academy. Barcelona November 2015.

Training course Dental clinic management with all the DEA clinic equipment. Almeria. July 2016.

Presentation in the Kursaal of San Sebastian in the National Congress of Endodontics about the link doctor-patient and the Odontology emotionally intelligent . San Sebastian. September 2016

Training course on Marketing in a dental clinic . University of Oviedo. November 2016

Bowen Clinic Consulting Excellent Patient Experience. Madrid. September 2016

Training at the College of Dentists of Oviedo Protocol of care for patient satisfaction and loyalty Oviedo. January 2017.

Training at the College of Dentists of León Protocol of care for patient satisfaction and loyalty . LéonFebruary 2017

Clinical Consultancy Gerardo di Paolo. Patient care protocol.  Tomellose. April 2017

Clinical Consultancy Drs. Benitez Murri. Implementation of a protocol of attention to the patient . Torremolinos. May 2017.

Formation with the groups of Dr. of the Navarro Dental Clinic and Luciano Badanelli Rubio of the Badanelli Clinic. Madrid June 2017

Training in SUSO (Sindacato Unitario Specialità Ortognatodonzia) on management of dental clinics. Padua, Italy. May 2017

Avodent Dental Clinic Consultancy. Madrid October 2017

Avodent Dental Clinic Consultancy. October 2017

Dental Clinic Consultancy of Dr. Paloma Salmerón. October 2017

Clinical Consultancy Mompell & Micó. Madrid January 2018.

Maria Menendez Dental Clinic Consultancy. Asturias

Ortonova Clinic Consultancy. Cartagena.

Consultancy Integral Dental Institute. Madrid.

Expodental. Madrid

Clinical Consultancy Lisbon Smile Clinic. Lisbon

First edition Diploma management dental clinics. Madrid

Dental Clinic Dr. Dario Ulman (Alcorcón- Madrid).

Consultancy Dental Clinic Siero dental (Siero-Asturias).

Consultancy Dental Clinic Mas Bermejo (Murcia).

Consultancy Team Tower Advanced Oral Health Unit. Madrid

Second edition Diploma management dental clinics. Madrid

Advanced dental clinic management program. FORMA dental training centre. Murcia

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Pedro Morchón Camino

Director of the Dental Focus Group.
Degree in Chemistry Oviedo (Spain) and Padua (Italy) and doctoral studies in Medical Chemistry University of Cardiff (UK).
Coach certified by the Spanish Coaching Association (AECOP).
Diploma in NLP by the Spanish NLP Association (AEPNL).
Professor of dental marketing at the University of Oviedo.
Collaborator with professional societies and professional associations of dentistry.
International expert on the effective management of dental clinics.