The Mystery Patient: The Mystery Patient technique applied to dental clinics.

This simple method is what leads to the ultimate success of a dental clinic.

While many clinics strive to bring in new clients, the best clinics focus on their existing clients. Attracting patients is the first step in operating and expanding a dental clinic, yet the real objective is to retain them. 80% of a dental clinic’s growth potential is found in its existing patients and only 20% in new ones.

How do you improve the patient’s experience? How do you measure the experience of a patient? Both answers are found in the insightful service of The Mystery Patient.

The function of the Mystery patient

The Mystery Patient is an evaluator posing as a typical patient, to analyze, detect and improve the possible deficiencies in the patient care service. This patient care service includes the work ethic and capabilities of the receptionists, hygienists, dental assistants, and doctors. There are certain critical moments, known as the moments of truth that the patient is obliged to carry out during a visit to the dental clinic; these moments depict the attention and quality of the patient care protocol in any given dental clinic.

At Enfoque Dental, The Mystery Patient evaluates from 0 to 5, a total of 350 questions that analyze all the aspects that have to do with the patient care experience. This evaluation is then compared to our carefully thought through and excellent, patient care protocol.

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The aspects which are being assessed, have a differing degree of importance. We have designed a statistical algorithm that appropriately categorizes the different experiences of the Mystery Patient to reach a final grade of each moment of interaction with the dental clinic. In addition to the quantitative rating, we write an accurate qualitative report about all aspects needing improvement regarding the patient’s experience in the dental clinic.
In this report, the scores obtained in each of these moments of the patient interaction are detailed according to the NPS ( Net Promoter Score ) index. The Net Promoter Score is based on a single question: “What is the probability that a patient will recommend the service of this clinic to a relative or friend?” For this, they are asked to rate on a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 is being “Highly unlikely,” and 5 is “A definite recommendation.” According to the results, clients are classified as promoters, passivists or detractors:
• Those who score between 4.5 and 5 points: promoters
• Those who score between 3.5 and 4.5 points: passivists
• Those who score 3.5 points or less: detractors

The Mystery Patient will help you create, implement and follow a patient care protocol that generates true loyalty.

Here follows a graph summarising the moments of truth the patient experiences at the dental clinic.

THE PATIENT’S PRIOR DIGITAL EXPERIENCE: From the moment the potential patient has received a recommendation for a particular dental clinic, they start researching the internet about the clinic. The patient evaluates the position and the look of the web page. They also scan through blogs and anything else that might intrigue them (mainly Facebook and Youtube). This digital interaction is the First Moment of Truth and is not determined by human contact. It is important to note that when a potential customer comes into contact with any element of a company (PdV, Web, Apps, promotions, services, marketing, etc.), it is regarded as a moment of truth.

TELEPHONIC ATTENTION: The first call of a patient can mark their entire perception (for better or worse) of the clinic and of the professionals who work there. It is therefore imperative that the correct amount of attention and sincere friendliness be given over the phone.

AT RECEPTION: How the patient is received, and how long they need to wait to be assisted, plays another critical role in the patient’s perception of the clinic. This simple act of entering the reception can enhance or decrease the patient’s first impression of the dental clinic.

THE WAITING ROOM: The amount of time patients spend in the waiting room also indicates as to the productivity and efficiency of the clinic. A waiting room with clean, neat decor, with comfortable seating, with a variety and current magazines, is also something to consider in your pursuit of an excellent dental clinic.

COLLECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: This is an excellent opportunity for your clinic to start building a relationship with the patient. Collecting the patient’s data in a separate and relaxed environment will allow the dental clinic to have a conversation with the patient and thus gather more personal information about the patient (family life, hobbies, etc.). This interaction will ultimately lead to better understanding the patient’s needs.

IN THE DENTIST’S ROOM: This step is the most crucial step because it is the primary objective of the patient and the ultimate platform where the patient and doctor build a relationship. In our algorithm, the experience in the dental room counts for twice as much as any other moment of truth.

EXPLAINING THE TREATMENT AND SAYING GOODBYE: Even if the patient has received excellent dental revision as well as impeccable patient care service; it doesn’t mean anything if, in the end, the patient doesn’t choose to partner with the dental clinic. Explaining the dental needs of the patient in clear and useful terms, as well as wishing the patient a warm farewell, is critical in the patient’s final choice of choosing the dental clinic as their dentist.

What happens after The Mystery Patient?

The Mystery Patient is an excellent method in conclusively knowing which aspects of a dental clinic are lacking and therefore needs improvement.

It is only a diagnostic phase in detecting the patient care problems. You should not only understand the needs for improvement but also take action by training all dental staff in the protocol of excellent patient care.

After a six month period, another Mystery Patient visits your dental clinic to evaluate the taught changes in the patient care protocol.

The mystery patient report is part of a working method that also includes dental coaching + training + marketing.

What will you achieve with this program?

  • Increase the number and quality of first visits
  • Improve the performance and commitment of clinicians
  • Increase the rate of conversion into effective treatments.
  • Get your patients to be more faithful
  • Analyze data and key management indicators in the dental clinic (Kpi)
  • Implants in the clinic an excellent patient management protocol
  • Implements an effective strategic marketing plan
  • Improves the economic profitability of your dental clinic.

Our conduct is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.
-Stephen covey-