We are a group of professionals consisting of coaches, consultants and dentists. We help you improve the management and performance of dental companies.
Our methodology offers services and training for the comprehensive development of companies in the dental sector.

Pedro Morchon Camino

Founder of Enfoque Dental and EyCO

What is Enfoque dental?

  • Enfoque dental is a training and coaching consultancy aimed at the continuous improvement of the dental clinics and dental companies.
  • Enfoque dental is method: Based on coaching tools, management and NLP. We design training tailored to the needs and strategic objectives of our customers.
  • Enfoque dental is a guarantee of success because of our experience and because many organizations and entities such as AECOP (Spanish association of executive coaching) and AEPNL (Spanish association of NLP) have accredited our know-how.
  • Enfoque dental is a jump. Excellence does not begin with a step but with a jump. We break the chains that bind us to conformism that does not allow us to jump.


Diagnostic data is provided by completing a self-evaluation test in which you rate specific aspects of your company. This data will then be used to design a coaching and training plan for the development of your company, managers and the commercial performance of the salespeople.


360º Leadership program

We prepare managers to lead a complex environment by acquiring the leadership skills that drive innovation, team performance and effective decision making. Without the bright leadership, organizational strategies will remain as ink on paper. Getting the right leadership to implement business strategies takes careful planning and dedicated effort, and often substantial investment.

Developing the desired change

In this workshop, we explore the teachings of the Kaizen method, Six Sigma, Blue Oceans strategy, Canvas and other models of strategic decision making to help teams solve challenges in a creative and innovative way in the midst of constant change.

Negotiations and effective sales with NLP

The training focuses on achieving the highest commercial performance. In this workshop, salespeople learn to use communication tools based on Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) that allows an emotional connection with each individual client.


We increase the efficiency and effectiveness of professional performance and leadership through transformative conversations that lead to an action plan for achieving organizational goals.

If you wish to receive more information about our support service and training for the comprehensive development of dental companies

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