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Dental Coaching

Dental coaching helps take your dental clinic to the next level of success. We offer the first coaching session for free to define an action plan that will take you to YOUR OBJECTIVES.

Our coaches are certified by the Spanish Association of Executive Coaching (AECOP) and help the dentist design an action plan that exponentially improves the clinic’s level of management. The coaching processes can be accompanied by executive training courses and dental marketing plans.

Through the GROW model [Goal (goal), Reality (reality), Options (options) and Will (will/commitment)] we assist dental clinics in improving their professional performance and excellence.

After approximately three months of completing the coaching sessions (via Skype or at your clinic), we measure the obtained results, thus maintaining the changes made within the dental clinic.

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Executive dental coaching and teamwork in dental clinics

The primary objectives of dental clinic coaching are oriented at the development of people, teams, and organizations.

We aim to:
• Identify goals
• Assess possible challenges
• Generate an action plan
• Execute the action plan
• Revise the action plan
• Sustainably achieve the objectives over a period.

During the coaching process, the coachee becomes more aware of their unique talents, values, beliefs, emotions, and obstacles in their professional life.

How does this process take place?

Fundamentally, through the use of Mayeutica or powerful questioning, whose purpose is to ask questions in many different ways about different aspects of their dental clinic that until now, have been overlooked.

The job of the dental coach is not to advise but rather to articulate powerful questions, to listen, to empower the client and redefine the tools and creativity that the clinic already has, but needs to be revived. At this moment, the coachee realizes what’s necessary for creating the change they want to see. They also start feeling more empowered to bring about this change and therefore reach a greater sense of responsibility and ownership in their work, and ultimately their life. They are more self-aware, have more self-knowledge and are more focused on their goals. Together with this, the coachee and coach establish an action plan that will lead to guaranteed success.

Generally, coaching is given to the leader or management team of a dental clinic. Frequently, the leader is faced with the need for a coach outside the organization to question them about the dynamics and processes of the business and ask them questions that nobody dares to ask. The leaders need this to challenge the status quo and pursue a profound reflection on the processes and ways of working.

As a result of this reflection, the right strategic business objectives are detected, from which an individualized action plan is generated, and that is reviewed over approximately 6 or 8 sessions.

Coaching is thus a way to manage or direct an organization or a particular business area, in a more responsible, sustainable, productive and competitive way.

A dental clinic has all the same components and challenges of a business organization. It is therefore essential for dental clinics to receive executive coaching to identify the business (dental clinic’s) objectives.

The dental coaching process is part of the INTEGRAL DENTAL CLINIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM which also includes mystery patient + training + marketing.

What will you get out of this program?

  • Increase the number and quality of first visits
  • Improves the performance and commitment of clinic professionals
  • Increases the rate of conversion into effective treatments.
  • Get your patients to be more faithful
  • Analyzes data and key management indicators in the dental clinic (Kpi)
  • Implanta in the clinic an excellent patient management protocol
  • Develops an effective strategic marketing plan
  • Improve the economic profitability of your dental clinic.

Our conduct is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.
-Stephen covey-

Who is the dental coach?

Pedro Morchón Camino

  • Director of the Enfoque Dental..
  • Degree in Chemistry Oviedo (Spain) and Padua (Italy) and doctorate studies in Medical Chemistry University of Cardiff (UK)
  • A Business Coach certified by the Spanish Coaching Association (AECOP).
  • Diploma in NLP by the Spanish Association of NLP (AEPNL).
  • Director University Diploma Direction of Author Dental Clinics by the UCAM (Univ. Católica de Murcia).
  • Part-time lecturer at the University of Oviedo of Dental Marketing.
  • Collaborator with professional societies and professional dental schools.
  • An international expert on the effective management of dental clinics.
Experto coaching dental Pedro Morchón

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