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We carry out an effective plan in your clinic to increase your billing and get more patients.


Pedro Morchón Camino. Founder of Enfoque Dental

Why do you need this program? 

  • You want to train your dental team.  
  • You need to cultivate loyalty in your patients.  
  • You want to increase the annual turn-over  
  • You want to increase the first visits through effective marketing.  
  • You want to revive the commitment of your team.  


No dental clinic management program is as complete as ours.

The Mystery Patient technique applied to dental clinics: We analyse all aspects that have to do with your patient experience and compare them with our excellent patient care protocol 

Training sessions in your dental clinic. We teach and implement a unique business strategy, sales, human resources and patient care protocol.  

Through the GROW model (Goal (meta), Reality (reality), Options (options) and Will (will/commitment)], we accompany dental clinics on their way to improving their professional performance and excellence. 

We carry out a Marketing Plan uniquely adapted to each clinic. You will generate more traffic on your website, have more leads, gain more digital interaction and get your potential patients to know who you are, what you do and why they need to choose you.

We ensure the results of our work over time and propose future actions to continue this change. 

What our customers think

Dozens of dentists in Spain have already tried this program.

"Enfoque dental gathers the principles of emotional intelligence and adapts them to the context of a dental clinic. Exciting and effective. !! Congratulations!!"  

-Dr. Javier González Tuñón President of the Association of Dentists of Asturias  

“After the course of Pedro Morchón, there are many good things and improvements that are happening in the environment. "Motivator, activator and enjoyable.”  

-Dr. Fernando Autrán Medical Director and founding partner of Autrán Dental (Barcelona)

“Pedro Morchón has managed to involve and commit all my team in a training aimed at what really matters most: loyalty to the patient. We all enjoy his course a lot and from now on we will apply his teachings. I really recommend it to any traditional clinic that truly wishes to retain its patients."  

-Dr. Luciano Badanelli Board of Directors of SEPES. Medical Director of Clínica Dental Luciano Badanelli (BQDC clinics)

“This training has undoubtedly been used to the fullest. After the mystery patient, we have reviewed the most important aspects of the management of a dental clinic and above all we have stopped on how to improve the patient care protocol. Thanks Pedro Morchon Camino!!”  

-Dra. Claudia Sinohui Dental clinic Avodent

“With a passionate style, Pedro Morchón manages to motivate you towards the improvement of your clinic. In his training he goes through the essential points of professional management: patient care, team management, marketing and strategy. Thanks Pedro, the great push you have given us.”  

-Dr. Gonzalo Navarro Medical Director of Clínica Dental Gonzalo Navarro Master in Prosthetics at the University of Columbia (New York) 

“In the training that Pedro gave in my clinic, we were able to define and implement a patient care protocol that has brought positive results. In addition, it has helped us to work more effectively as a team. Thank you Pedro.”  

-Dr. Murad Clinic CED. Palma de Mallorca

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