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Enfoque Dental is a consulting firm specialized in the dental sector.

We have extensive experience in the management of dental clinics by using a specifically designed method to increase patient loyalty, increase first visits, improve professional performance, make strategic decisions and therefore increase turnover.

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Become the leading dental clinic in your area by:

  • Creating an excellent patient experience.
  • Getting your patients to refer family and friends.
  • Increasing the number of first visits.
  • Having a team committed to their work.
  • Having an effective marketing plan.
  • Increasing monthly turnover.

Our consultancy method is based on the following points which will improve all areas of your business.

el proceso de la consultoria dental de éxito

The mystery shopper technique applied to dental clinics.

While many clinics strive to have new clients, the best clinics strive to develop and maintain excellent dentist-patient relationships. Patient acquisition is the first step, yet the real goal is to build patient loyalty. 80% of a dental clinic’s growth potential is in their existing patients and only 20% in new patients.

How do you improve the patient experience? How do you measure the experience of a patient? By means of the Mystery Patient (or mysterious patient).


Coaching to help you take your dental clinic to the next level.

We propose you to carry out sessions of coaching that leads us to define an action plan that achieves your objective.
Using the model GROW [Goal (meta), Reality (realidad), Options (opciones) and Will (voluntad/compromiso)] we accompany dental clinics on their way to improving their professional performance and excellence.


Dental Clinic Management Courses which are perfectly adapted to the needs of dentists and staff dedicated to the management of dental clinics.

The same teaching methodology used by the world’s leading business schools.
The system combines masterly lessons and case method.
Some programs add a subsequent coaching process to draw up a personalized plan for each student and their specific needs in their dental clinic.


We propose a Marketing Plan adapted to the needs of your dental clinic.

Thanks to a Dental Marketing Plan specialized in each of the cases, like the one we propose you, you will get more traffic on your website, more leads, more interaction and get your potential patients to know who you are and what you do.


Feedback from our customers

“With a passionate style, Pedro Morchón manages to motivate you towards improving your dental clinic in an incredible way. In his training, he covers the essential points of effectively managing a dental clinic: patient care, staff management, marketing and strategy. Thank you, Pedro for this great push you have given us!”

Dr. Gonzalo Navarro, Medical Director of Gonzalo Navarro Dental Clinic, Master of Oral Prosthesis at Columbia University (New York)

“Pedro Morchón has managed to involve and commit my entire team to training aimed at what really matters most: building patient loyalty. We all enjoy his course very much and from now on we are going to apply his teachings. I really recommend it to any traditional clinic that really wants to make their patients loyal. ”

Dr. Luciano Badanelli. Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Craniomandibular Dysfunction and the Spanish Society of Stomatological and Aesthetic Prosthesis, Medical Director of the Luciano Badanelli Dental Clinic (BQDC clinics).

“In the training Pedro gave us in my clinic to all my team, we managed to define and implement a protocol of patient care that has brought positive results. In addition, our experience in Human Resources and Coaching has helped us to work more effectively as a team.
Thank you Pedro.”

Dr. Murad, CED Clinic. Palma de Mallorca

Dr. Javier González Tuñón

“Dental approach gathers the principles of emotional intelligence and adapts them to the context of a dental clinic. Exciting and effective – Congratulations!”

Dr. Javier González Tuñón, President of the College of Dentists of Asturias

Dr. Fernando Autrán

“After Pedro Morchón’s course, improvement and excellence abound. It was motivating, energizing and enjoyable.”

Dr. Fernando Autrán, Medical Director and founding partner of Autrán Dental (Barcelona)

Leonardo Litvin centro odontologico la vaguada

“After almost 50 years as a dentist, it seemed that I was starting afresh due to the knowledge and motivation of Pedro Morchón’s training.”

Dr. Leonardo LItvin, Integral Dental Institute


How do we understand consultancy at Enfoque Dental?

The leadership model proposed by our Dental Consultancy is that of Daniel Goleman. This model helps the leader encourage, manage and teach positive emotions in the team through a range of emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. Therefore, leadership does not solely depend on the director of the clinic anymore but rather on any team member capable of generating an environment for excellent teamwork.

The primary reason is because the dentist has solved the patient’s oral problem due to their dental work. Yet, another crucial reason is the positive emotional experience the patient received.
Both aspects generate patient loyalty and patient recommendations in their sphere of influence.
Our consulting firm designs management strategies with proven results in international companies. Through understanding, adaptation and application in the dental sector, these results can be key to achieve optimal growth in your dental clinic.
We face a future marked by constant change, which forces us to continually adapt our ways and methods.
In the next few years, clinics will need to create experiences that generate positive emotions in their patients based on the use of coaching and emotional intelligence. In this process, the new values that our consultancy team teaches, are foundational.
The protocols that we impart in our dental consultancies are always looking for the patient to be an active and integrated part of the whole treatment. This provides a novel and differentiated experience: The doctor who acknowledges and listens to his/her patients.
In any project, good management is key and for this it is necessary to have a current and effective marketing strategy for dental clinics.
Now more than ever, dentists are aware of the importance of having an internet/online presence. It is therefore vital to start and effectively maintain this presence of internet marketing.