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posicionamiento seo de una clinica dental

About 74% of internet users use Google as their primary search engine. 82% of these searches cause users to visit a business/place of interest, calling or purchasing a product from a given website. It is, therefore, essential to invest time and money in making sure your dental clinic has a visible position on Google.

Many important aspects cause your website to appear as the first result in a Google search. The best thing is to hire a company of experts in dental marketing that have the abilities to combine knowledge in online advertising with the knowledge of dentistry. If however, your company cannot afford this, here are some important guidelines:

Keywords in increasing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even before the design of your dental website, you need to know the keywords of your site. This helps the target audience find you through the search engine.
These words need to define the website, what your dental clinic is about and what type of blog posts you are writing. It is crucial to identify your keywords to start your DENTAL SEO campaign properly.

Domain SEO keyword practices:

It is essential to include your keywords in your website domain (URL name). Therefore, the best thing is to choose a domain in which you add the word dental clinic, dentistry or any treatments you want to promote. Something like yourdentist.uk or confidentdentistry.com are examples of keywords in your URL.

To help you in the keyword search, search for Keyword Planner in Google. Then go to a domain search tool to see if that domain is available for your dental clinic. An example of this is https://www.dondominio.com/.

Website Hosting:

Web hosting is a service provider (a company) that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Sites are thus hosted or stored. The web hosting company, (mainly IP) has a direct relationship with your target audience. It is directly correlated with where the patients are located (which country). The domain should indicate the geographical area where your dental clinic is situated. This factor is not of significant importance in the Google positioning of your website, yet it is worth taking into account.

Now that you have the keywords that best define the services you want to provide in your clinic, you have bought the domain, and you have it hosted on an excellent server – we must start with the web design.

Web design:

First, you must decide which content manager you will choose to create the website for your dental clinic.
There are several good options in the market:
Pure code: css3 and Html5.
This is not exactly an option for web content management, but it is good for the SEO of your website.
This formula is very valid if you want to create a static website (the most basic type of site). It shows the services offered in the clinic, its location, a presentation with the logo and the motto – all the necessary information with little else.
Despite these drawbacks, designing a website based on the pure code is a great option, since Google reads HTML and CSS very well. A CSS style sheet and HTML, if well-structured and designed, are vital when it comes to making a good SEO for a website, a dental clinic or any business.

However, if you want to make changes in the text content, images or have a blog, it will be necessary to have a programmer or a designer to make these changes as often as you wish.

Web Content Management Systems (CMS):


This is the most used CMS in the world.
¿Why? WordPress gives you options that almost no other CMS does – a whole range of nearly infinite possibilities of configuration, primarily through the plugins. Due to the extent of its worldwide community and the web manager uses; the amount of guides and tutorials that you find on the web is almost infinite.


This is similar to WordPress, yet without the same benefits. It is, therefore, lagging behind in its development.


This is another possibility of a dynamic CMS, yet it is more complicated than WordPress.


It is not a CMS, but rather a free and open-source front-end framework (library) for designing websites and web applications.
By using the pure Cascading Style Sheets and HTML languages, it has a vast library of typographies, forms, buttons, tables, navigation menus and facts, which makes it a fantastic option, only if you know anything about these languages.

If you want to develop a dynamic and interactive dental website or blog, the best option is WORDPRESS. Currently, it is unparalleled.

Mobile-friendly websites:

Nowadays, your site must be well adapted to any mobile device (phones and tablets). This is also an important SEO factor.

Many patients seek dental clinics or any other service, from their smartphones. It is crucial that your website be responsive to a variety of devices. This means that your web design needs to easily display web pages and function well on many different devices and window or screen sizes. Thus, anyone looking for a nearby dentist from their phone will be able to find YOUR dental clinic quickly and efficiently.

The adaptability of your website to these mentioned devices has a significant influence on the increase of your SEO. Therefore, if your dental site is well-adapted to said devices, it will cause a higher ranking in the Google search results.

An updated website:

If you have a dynamic web page where you post blogs, create links between the posts, continually enrich the content and make periodic offers; Googlebot (a search bot software, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google Search engine) reviews these changes and increase the positioning of your website. If a potential patient is interested in the content of your dental site, visits the sights several times and continues to find the same material, they will stop visiting your website.

Therefore, having a dynamic and up-to-date website is a win-win for both you as the business owner (increasing your SEO and thus visibility) and the user/potential patient (in keeping them engaged and interested in your business and thus fulfilling a need they have).

DENTAL SEO is booming! So since there are many dental clinics and many potential patients seeking dental treatments – it is critical for any dental clinic to pay attention to this powerful tool.

Allow your dental clinic to expand by simply investing in a well-structured, well-designed and dynamic website.

Pedro Morchón Camino

Director de Enfoque dental

Coach certificado por Asociación española de coaching ejecutivo (AECOP) y la Asociación española de programación neurolingüística (AEPNL)

Teléfono: 671038509 / Email: info@enfoquedental.com

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