Five reasons why you need the Mystery Patient


Laurence Newell, director of The Friedman Group, says that 80 percent of companies believe they offer excellent service. Only eight percent of customers agree. In Enfoque Dental, we have analysed these statistics and measured a way to improve the patient satisfaction.

This is the function of the Mystery Patient

The Mystery Patient is an evaluator posing as a typical patient, to analyze, detect and improve the possible deficiencies in the patient care service of a dental clinic.

Have you ever wondered what your patients think of the treatment received in your dental clinic? What positive things do they say about you? ¿What aspects do they believe can improve in your clinic?

We know that almost nine out of ten patients choose their dental clinic based on the recommendations of friends. It is therefore imperative to understand why a patient recommends you or why not.

Our consultant conducts a visit to the dental clinic as an anonymous patient to evaluate the patient’s total experience and areas needing improvement.

The evaluation includes:

  • The patient’s previous digital experience of the website and social media of the dental clinic.
  • Telephone service.
  • Kindness and empathy of the dental clinic staff
  • Waiting time in the waiting room
  • Skills and commercial monitoring in the closing of treatments
  • State of the facilities, cleanliness, state of the equipment, etc.
  • Patient care protocol of doctors and hygienists.

After this, we present a detailed report on aspects that need improvement of the dental clinic. With this diagnosis, we propose an adequate training and marketing plan to improve the functioning of the dental clinic.

Five reasons you need the Mystery Patient in your dental clinic:

  1. To gather the purest information (work ethic, patient care attention, etc.) from the dental team without being influenced by any external agent.
  2. It costs eight times more to obtain a new patient than to retain an existing one. Excellent patient care protocol is therefore immensely important and needs to be reviewed annually.
  3. Loyalty is key. Do not forget that offering excellent patient care before, during and after the visit reinforces their dedication to the clinic.
  4. To realistically assess whether employees are carrying out the proper processes effectively and reliably. We evaluate aspects such as attitude, the image of the staff and clinic, the knowledge that employees have about the product or service, etc.
  5. It is guaranteed to give you more satisfied patients, who not only join your dental clinic but recommend the service of your dental clinic to other people.

Enfoque Dental are pioneers in this exclusive service, and we have perfected the art of excellent patient care protocol

The uniqueness of the service is that the same Mystery Patient who visited your clinic, also delivers a training course the following day, teaching on their experience of your dental clinic.

In the Mystery Patient service we…

  • Gain the loyalty of your patients.
  • Act as a patient and analyse more than 300 aspects of the patient experience.
  • Write a reliable report and deliver training to generate an excellent patient care protocol in your dental clinic.
  • Carry out a coaching process with the clinic manager to help with the implementation of the change.

An overview of our service Mystery Patient service.

In this simple scheme, the phases of intervention are set forth by beginning to understand the areas of improvement detected by the Mystery Patient, then by defining and carrying out an action plan, and finally measuring the effectiveness of this plan.

Why do we believe that our collaboration in your dental clinic would yield successful results?

  • Our purpose is not only to increase the amount of knowledge of our clients but to support them to implement ethical practices in the management of dental clinics successfully.
  • We offer personalized consulting processes for each dental clinic.
  • We provide answers to those dentists and managers of dental clinics who are interested in developing their knowledge in the management of a dental clinic, being able to lead teams and add clinical and economic value to their dental clinics.
  • Our work aims to embed the circle of excellence in your dental clinic, causing an increase in first visits and cultivating deep patient loyalty towards your dental clinic.
  • We accompany dental clinics on their way to continuous improvement through the Mystery Patient, coaching, marketing/sales training, teaching excellent patient care protocols, implementing business strategies and successful teamwork. We can also manage the marketing plan if that is our client’s desire.

Pedro Morchón Camino

Director de Enfoque dental

Coach certificado por Asociación española de coaching ejecutivo (AECOP) y la Asociación española de programación neurolingüística (AEPNL)

Teléfono: 671038509 / Email:

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