Your Dental Website

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Nuesta manera de ver el marketing: Después de tantos años de esfuerzo, diplomas y títulos, ¿por qué no puedes decirle al mundo que se pueden poner en sus manos?

Email Marketing for Dental Clinics

la importancia del email marketing clinica dental

Few people know how to apply Email Marketing in their dental marketing strategy. The return on investment (ROI) of Email Marketing is 4.3%, which is a relatively high percentage compared to other marketing strategies. Email Marketing for Dental Clinics: Key points in the sales strategy A Newsletter serves as a powerful tool to keep the […]

Dental Clinic Marketing Plan

Plan de Marketing Clinica Dental

OUR MARKETING STRATEGIES A specialized marketing plan for your dental clinic. 91% of people say that the opinions of other consumers are the primary influence on their purchasing decisions Only 9% of customers ignore the views of others One conversation (a “word of mouth” recommendation) has the same impact as 200 television ads The evolution […]

Position your website at the top of Google search results

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About 74% of internet users use Google as their primary search engine. 82% of these searches cause users to visit a business/place of interest, calling or purchasing a product from a given website. It is, therefore, essential to invest time and money in making sure your dental clinic has a visible position on Google. Many […]

Use a Youtube channel for your dental clinic

canal de YouTube para clínica dental

YOUTUBE: YouTube is an immensely useful Digital Marketing tool for your dental clinic. Why? YouTube is one of the primary ways that help to improve your website’s positioning in search engines (Search Engine Optimization, SEO). After Google, YouTube is the second most important search engine in the world (in fact Google bought YouTube in November […]

The new relationship between dentist and patient

The well-known Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) of the United States, has specified that the interpersonal relationship and communication skills between the doctor and patient are key components and are linked to the exercise of emotional intelligence – especially from the doctor’s side. Is emotional management in the health field a pending issue? […]

Five reasons why you need the Mystery Patient

Laurence Newell, director of The Friedman Group, says that 80 percent of companies believe they offer excellent service. Only eight percent of customers agree. In Enfoque Dental, we have analysed these statistics and measured a way to improve the patient satisfaction. This is the function of the Mystery Patient The Mystery Patient is an evaluator […]

Dental Anxiety, ¿How should we manage it?

la ansiedad dental y su manejo

It is essential to be aware and inquire when any degree of dental anxiety or high odontophobia is perceived in a patient. Management of anxiety in dentistry: Having a conversation There needs to be a conversation in which the patient feel heard and seen by asking empathic questions such as “I get the impression that […]

Real value versus perceived value

Below follows the equation that most easily defines what the perceived value is: Perceived value = (Benefits + Emotions) / (Price + Discomfort + Insecurity) According to surveys conducted by companies about the patient satisfaction index, the minority of patients say that their patient experience exceeded their expectations. This is true even in the most […]

How to attract patients to your dental clinic

how to attract patients to your dental clinic

Getting patients to your dental clinic seems to be a complicated task. The competition between traditional clinics has become fierce and the increase in dental franchises, have turned the sector practically into a jungle. We all want to reach the possible patients as directly as possible, but gaining new patients requires gaining their trust. It […]